The timbers we work with are wide and varied but are typically reclaimed, repurposed or collected when opportunities arise. We have tables made from European Steamed beech, reclaimed Ironbark, and kauri pine from trees cleared from a farm only a few kilometers from our Queensland workshop.   These slabs are up to 7 meters in length and provide the challenge of building something that respects a piece of that size. Western Red Cedar saved from our home that was badly damaged by hailstones and many lengths of jarrah saved from a demolished office building. Even old furniture we will repurpose.

The type of timber does need to be practical for the piece of furniture imagebeing designed and built. To achieve this we do purchase timber where the timbers we have aren’t suitable. In those cases we prefer the lighter in colour, stable timbers like Kauri Pine, Western Red Cedar, American and Tasmanian Oak along with European Steamed Beech. These are beautiful timbers to work with but at the end of the day, what is going to work for the clients needs is what will influence what is used.