Table Centre Piece

This is a practical serving tray but we believe an artistic piece. With laminated arched legs, there is a grace to the piece that is further enhanced by the slatted top. Light to carry and made from Kauri Pine, this is a timeless piece that can grace side boards and large tables. 900mm by 150mm by 50mm high


Magazine Table

This artistic piece is designed to work with a large lounge.  With sweeping laminated arches to provide support in the centre of the table, the slats of the legs and the table top provide an elegance that will become a focal point to a living area.  2900mm by 600 mm by 400mm this can be customised to suit the adjacent lounge.  Built from kauri pine and oiled in tung oil.


Lounge Chair

This chair required many prototypes to get the angles right to make it a very comfortable chair.  With Scandinavian influence this slatted chair is still unique.  With practical wide arm rests  and fine Italian linen fabric covered cushions (not shown) this is a fine addition to any home.


Flip Coat and Hat Rack

This rack, inspired by a design I saw in Germany, is mounted flush to the wall using a french cleat.  There are multiple and varying length pegs that flip out.  The angle end provides the stop so that they only come out at 15 degrees.  Made from slats of Kauri Pine and oiled with Tung Oil it is a beautiful piece for the entrance foyer.