If you really want something different, invest in one of our custom-made spas or baths.  Baths start at $5,400 and Spas at $4,800 and can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Contact Phillip to discuss your requirements and have something designed specifically for you.

Japanese Western Red Cedar Bath
The bath design is based on the Japanese-style but with changes to make them more comfortable.  A sloping back at 15 degrees makes it far more comfortable with even a softened edge to rest your head.  In saying that, some people prefer the traditional, straight back. The most popular model is 1610mm long and is made from 40mm Western Red Cedar which has a very high resin content, providing a natural anti-bacterial capability. They are available with stools and cedar covers, wine glass holders, shelves, faucets and steps.



This spa is made from 38-40mm Western Red Cedar and the standard size is 1200mm, with 1400mm and 1800mm diameters also available.  We manufacture various heights and can make either a two-seater or four-seater. They are available with surrounds, steps and covers.

Ask about the new, chemical-free Ozone and Ultraviolet Heated filtering system.