Flip Coat and Hat Rack

This coat and hat rack was inspired by a german design I saw in my travels.  Intrigued as I am in the multiplicity of ways in which fifteen degrees works, I saw in this another opportunity.  After much trial and error and some prototypes I got the design of the peg working so that it would sit in either the upright or flipped position, be long IMG_5550enough to sit a hat or coat on it and be easy to flip in and out.  Faced with a large slab of timber fromIMG_5563 which to cut each of the slats, I just had to respect it and so reassembled each of the slats in the order of the cutting so the original grain is still alive across the face of the final assembled piece.  The tung oil amplified the grain.  I draw each of my pieces up in CAD to hopefully solve as many problems as I can Flip Coat rack Close up of Hingebefore I cut the first piece but there was still a lot of trial and error and to say the least, it was a tricky piece to assemble once each of the pegs had been attached to the slatFlip Coat Racks.  Each slat is separated by 6mm and each peg is separated by 6mm from its adjoining vertical counterparts.  The pivots of each peg also has 6mm timber washers.
The rack is mounted on ply and incorporates a french cleat that will allow it to be hung on the wall.  I am working on a design that incorporates a seat and shelf.

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